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Title: Shop Lingerie and Intimates for Women | Gooseberry Intimates
Description: Shop All Intimate Lingerie
Gooseberry Intimates brings you effortlessly sexy lingerie to make you feel gorgeous no matter the occasion. Uncover incredible embroidery, Indonesian lace, and intricate designs to wear from morning to night under anything or all on its own. Our line of elegant, luxury lingerie is meant to inspire confidence and exude beauty in a way that is always comfortable and effortless, whether you use it under your simplest loungewear or your most elegant get up.
Enhance your everyday wear with Gooseberry Intimates, where style meets comfort in our luxurious lingerie sets. Our lace bras and panties are crafted for women who seek elegance and ease, ensuring each day is graced with a touch of special occasion.
Explore our stunning collection in a variety of colors, including the sultry allure of black lingerie and the fiery passion of red lingerie. Each piece is designed to enhance your natural beauty and add a touch of sophistication to your intimate wear.
Brought to you from Bali, where every piece is carefully crafted with care by local artisans, our high-end sexy lingerie and intimate apparel feels as unique as it is gorgeous. Gooseberry women’s intimates are hand-dyed, cut to size, and sewed to order to ensure a perfect fit. It’s slow, sustainable fashion at its best. With this focus on Fair Trade and sustainability, you can be confident that each luxury intimates purchase is created with love and care.
With more than a dozen collections inspired by old fashion houses and French architecture, there is something for every woman to feel sexy in. Our women’s intimate apparel goes beyond any underwear like your typical contour bra, panties, and briefs to include lingerie bodysuits, camis, lingerie shorts, and silk slip dresses. In addition to a number of silhouettes, a number of hues are offered as well, from classic neutrals to coveted colors, so your lingerie drawer is more than one shade. With ample variety, you can discover the silhouette and style in which you feel the most comfortable and confident or multiple styles with which you can switch between and play around. Purchase your perfect bra, panties, and sleepwear today!
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